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New Measures to Prioritize Public Safety, Address Court Backlog, And Delivering Digital Access to Courts

New Measures to Prioritize Public Safety and Address Court Backlog

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the justice sector and caused an unprecedented backlog of criminal cases. That is why the government is investing an additional $72 million over two years to prioritize public safety and ensure offenders are held accountable while standing up for victims of crime as they seek justice.

As part of the province’s criminal backlog reduction strategy, this investment includes hiring additional Crown Prosecutors and court staff, increase trial capacity and strengthen supports for victims of crime and witnesses. Measures to support this work include:

o   an updated COVID-19 Recovery Directive for Prosecutors to help address the growing backlog of criminal cases and focus resources where they are needed most – the prosecution of serious cases such as murder, sexual assault & gun-related offences

o   expanding the ability of Crowns to assess bail positions quicker across Ontario

o   ensuring victims and vulnerable individuals and communities have access to support and services by increasing capacity in Ontario’s Victim/Witness Assistance Program

In addition to these measures, we will also be establishing an experienced team of Prosecutors to conduct an intensive case review and resolution blitz of targeted offences in every region of Ontario.

These significant new measures to prioritize public safety and address the backlog of criminal cases are building on actions we have taken throughout the pandemic to keep Ontarians safe and build a more connected and resilient criminal justice system.

Learn more: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001076/ontario-introduces-new-measures-to-address-court-backlog

Ontario Delivering Digital Access to Courts

Justice accelerated is justice delivered, and the government is saying yes to providing Ontarians with digital access to courts and more justice services online. The government’s new digital solution is a game-changer that will provide Ontarians with on-demand access to their legal matters. The Courts Digital Transformation initiative is a breakthrough in delivering digital access to courts and accelerating access to justice by moving more services online.

The Courts Digital Transformations initiative is the most significant single step forward in the digital evolution of justice in Canada, replacing outdated paper-based procedures with an online platform to manage cases, documents and schedules. This central piece of our government’s Justice Accelerated Strategy will allow court users to:

  • digitally access court information 24 hours a day from anywhere
  • submit and view documents online
  • file even more court documents in more types of matters
  • have easier, faster access to court records
  • schedule matters and appearances
  • pay fees online
  • receive decisions electronically

Building on numerous recent breakthroughs in efforts to build a more accessible and resilient justice system, this central piece of the Justice Accelerated Strategy will provide the tools needed to better meet expectations for how justice can be done in 2021 and beyond. We are committed to breaking down barriers and speeding up access to justice by innovating and collaborating with justice partners. This initiative will equip court participants, including members of the public, lawyers, self-represented litigants, judicial officials and court staff, with capabilities to help people resolve legal matters faster and easier.

Learn more: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001109/ontario-delivering-digital-access-to-courts