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Non-profit Sector Appreciation Week in Newmarket-Aurora

Ontario’s non-profit sector is the largest in Canada. It includes over 58,000 registered charities and non-profit organizations that benefit our communities in so many ways, delivering programs that improve our collective quality of life.  

We celebrate the diversity of Ontario’s non-profit sector, from mental health support, seniors’ services, homeless shelters, crisis lines, skills development, immigrant support, specialized help for children, and family support services to programs that promote arts and culture, environmental sustainability and recreation. 

The heroic work done by non-profit organizations often goes unnoticed and should be acknowledged as this sector is crucial to Ontario’s social and economic development. 

This government has provided almost $130 million through the Ontario Trillium Foundation to help non-profits adapt to the challenges created by the pandemic and ensure they can continue to provide the best service possible and make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and families both here in Newmarket-Aurora and across the province.

In addition, we’ve also provided more than $5.1 billion to non-profit organizations in 2020-2021, including community and developmental services organizations, child protection services in the child welfare system, and services for children and youth with special needs.