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Ontario and OPG Announce Tech Partner for Development of Canada’s first Small Modular Reactor

Nuclear energy is the backbone of Ontario’s electricity system and is a key part of work to meet climate targets. The small modular reactor (SMR) project at Darlington will showcase Ontario’s nuclear expertise to the world while generating reliable and emission-free energy.

The Darlington SMR project is also expected to help meet growth in Ontario’s on-grid electricity demand in the future, including from increasing electrification of the economy.

We know that SMRs have the potential to drive job creation, economic growth and export opportunities and would allow us to leverage our highly-skilled nuclear industry and work force to be a potential supplier of products, services and expertise in the global SMR market.

The safety of the people of Ontario is the government’s top priority. The Darlington SMR project would be subject to review and approval by Canada’s world-class nuclear safety regulator – the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. At this time, it is the only licensed nuclear new build site in Canada and has completed the environmental assessment process.

Read more: https://www.opg.com/news-and-media/media-releases/media_release/opg-advances-clean-energy-generation-project/