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Ontario Enshrining the Right to Wear Poppies in the Workplace

Let us never forget

This government has introduced legislation that demonstrates full support for members of the Canadian Armed Forces by ensuring that every worker has the right to wear a poppy at work during Remembrance Week, unless this may pose a danger or hazard to a person’s health, safety or welfare.

We honour Canada’s fallen soldiers, veterans and serving members by observing Remembrance Day and wearing poppies, a visible symbol of their extraordinary courage and profound sacrifice. 

By enshrining this support in law, we are reminding employers that Ontario owes them debt of gratitude to the brave people who serve our country and that should be reflected in their employment policies and practices.

The tradition of wearing poppies to honour our veterans and serving members brings us together as Ontarians. By wearing poppies, our families, schools, workplaces and communities will never forget the sacrifices they made for us.

A poppy represents the sacrifices and courage of fallen soldiers, veterans and serving members of the military. The government supports the right for every worker to wear a poppy at work during Remembrance Week. Learn more: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001062/ontario-enshrining-the-right-to-wear-poppies-in-the-workplace

Other Provincial Actions 

Ontario is enshrining the right to wear poppies in the workplace – honouring Canada’s fallen soldiers, veterans and members of the armed forces. Learn more: 

The government has a dedicated hotline and resource hub for military families, www.ontario.ca/militaryfamilies , which helps veterans find and access resources for themselves and their families.

The Memorial to Honour Canadian Heroes of the War in Afghanistan at Queen’s Park is now a permanent tribute to veterans, active service members, and their families.

Learn more about how Ontario is remembering: https://www.ontario.ca/page/remembrance-day