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Ontario Investigating Options for New Ultra-Low Overnight Electricity Rate

The government is continuing to provide families with the tools they need to take control over their energy bills and find ways to save money. That’s why we’ve asked the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) provide options to implement a new optional Time-of-Use (TOU) price plan that includes a new ultra-low overnight rate.

The new price plan could help shift workers and residential consumers that use more electricity at night save money on their bills, by providing a third electricity price plan that may better suit their lifestyle.

The new price plan would also support electric vehicle (EV) adoption in Ontario by making it less expensive than ever to charge EVs at night, when province-wide electricity demand is lower. We know that this increased affordability would help make EV ownership more accessible to many Ontarians.

While the OEB examines this new price plan, we are also opening a new public consultation to hear the voices of Ontarians. Our intention is to consider feedback from the OEB and our online consultation, and make the new optional TOU price plan available to customers by April 2023.

An ultra-low overnight rate would not only make life more affordable for many Ontarians, it would allow us to better leverage Ontario’s clean electricity grid by putting our excess electricity to work during overnight hours, increasing grid efficiency and delivering more value for all Ontario ratepayers.

Implementing a new ultra-low overnight rate would also help protect our environment by supporting decarbonization and electrification by using more of Ontario’s nighttime electricity, which is typically generated from non-emitting resources.

Feedback on this proposal is now being accepted through our public consultation: https://ero.ontario.ca/notice/019-5054We invite everyone in Newmarket-Aurora to participate. 

Learn More:  https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001574/ontario-investigating-options-for-new-ultra-low-overnight-electricity-rate