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Ontario Launches Largest Tutoring Support Program

The government has a plan to respond to the impacts of the pandemic that has led to significant disruption to families and learning loss and mental health challenges for students.

To ensure children get back on track in more normal, healthy and positive classrooms, the government under Premier Ford is increasing investment in public education by $683.9 million to $26.6 billion in 2022-23 — the single largest investment in Ontario’s history.

The highest funding levels ever recorded for learning recovery, mental health, special education and transportation.

The Government announced a detailed plan — Ontario’s Learning Recovery Action Plan to strengthen learning recovery in reading and math, anchored by the largest provincial investment in tutoring supports, summer learning and mental health.

Ontario’s Plan includes $175 million for students to access free publicly funded tutoring in small groups after school, during school, on weekends, over the summer, and into the next school year (until December 2022).

While many parents and educators have noted stagnation or regression in reading and math skills, the government is meeting this challenge head-on with $40 million in foundational learning supports. That includes $25 million for professional assessments and reading intervention programs for (often young) children who face difficulty learning to read.

We are coupling learning recovery investments with additional supports for student mental health and well-being in 2022-23, by investing more than $90 million including $10 million in new funding, which is the highest amount in Ontario history. This represents a 420% increase in mental health funding since the Wynne-Del Duca Liberals in 2017-18.

Under Premier Ford, the government is investing more than ever before to get students back on track – learning, growing, and thriving in a normal classroom enriched by clubs, sports, and expanded tutoring and mental health supports.

A sharp contrast to the failed record of Wynne-Del Duca, where the majority of students failed to meet the provincial math standard, 600 schools shuttered, deficient mental health funding, and a hiring system that rewarded union seniority instead of merit and qualification.

Learn More: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001623/ontario-launches-largest-tutoring-support-program