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Ontario Launches Program to Increase Hands-On Training Opportunities for More PSWs and Nurses

The government has a plan to fix long-term care and a key part of that plan is improving staffing and care.

The Ontario government has announced a $73 million investment over three years to train and provide clinical placements for over 16,000 personal support worker (PSW) and nursing students as part of the government’s plan to recruit and retain tens of thousands of long-term care staff.

The new program, Preceptor Resource and Education Program for Long-Term Care, will provide more opportunities for career development within long-term care and ensure PSW and nursing students receive critical hands-on experience to better serve the needs of residents.

This program will support hands-on, clinical training for thousands of PSW and nursing students across Ontario so they can deliver the high-quality care residents need and deserve.

The program is a $73 million investment which will be delivered in partnership with the Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation (Ontario CLRI). The initiative is expected to train up to 13,090 PSWs, 2,735 Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) and 1,060 Registered Nurses (RNs) to join the sector, by 2023-2024.

Clinical placements are a key part of nursing and PSW education, as they provide students with critical hands-on experience under the supervision of experts or ‘preceptors’, who usually are existing long-term care staff in similar roles.

Learn More: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001581/ontario-launches-program-to-increase-hands-on-training-opportunities-for-more-psws-and-nurses