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Ontario Strengthening Supports for Postsecondary Students Reporting Sexual Violence or Harassment

The Ontario government has zero tolerance for sexual assault, harassment, or any other form of violence in our communities – full stop. 

Ontario’s postsecondary institutions have a responsibility to provide a safe and supportive learning environment and must adopt appropriate measures to address issues of sexual violence on campuses.

That’s why the Government is moving forward with regulatory amendments that will help create a safer environment for students attending publicly-assisted colleges and universities, as well as private career colleges.

The changes build on previous measures to address sexual violence and harassment and will require publicly-assisted colleges, universities and private career colleges to:

  • ensure students alleging an instance of sexual violence and harassment are not asked irrelevant questions during an institution’s sexual violence investigation, and;
  • do not face repercussions for violating an institution’s drug and alcohol policy at the time of the incident.

Strengthening these policies is part of the government’s efforts to increase campus safety and to reduce concerns and stigma for students who have experienced sexual violence.

We remain committed to working with postsecondary institutions to help better support those affected by sexual violence and harassment, and ensure that all students are protected.

Students should be able to pursue their studies without worrying about sexual violence or harassment. That’s why the Ontario government is working with postsecondary institutions to protect students from irrelevant questioning or repercussions when reporting incidents of sexual violence.

Learn more at https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1000812/ontario-strengthening-supports-for-postsecondary-students-reporting-sexual-violence-or-harassment