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Ontario Supporting Advanced Science, Technology, and Innovation

The government is committed to supporting trailblazing work that will help ensure the province remains a leader in advanced science, technology and innovation, and is a jurisdiction of choice for scientific research.

That’s why the government is investing $48 million over two years to support ground-breaking research initiatives across the province. This investment includes:

  • $24 million over two years for the Perimeter Institute, one of the largest and most prominent research centres in the world devoted to the exploration of foundational theoretical physics. 
  • $12 million over two years for Advanced Research Computing (ARC) facilities at six research institutions across the province, which provide critical computing power and support to Ontario researchers. 
  • $12 million over two years for SNOLAB, an underground science laboratory that is the global leader in the field of fundamental physics.

With this investment, Ontario will be in a better position to attract, develop and retain talented researchers so we can continue to make major advances and solve complex problems facing us today, right here in the province.

Providing funding to the province’s leading research institutions will help keep ideas, expertise and intellectual property in Ontario and support long-term economic growth. 

Helping institutions to foster top talent will position the province to help solve complex problems that impact Ontario and the world, such as addressing climate change, increasing cybersecurity, or finding cures for cancer.

The government remains committed to supporting research to advance new discoveries and innovation, foster a skilled labour force and promote new business opportunities across the province.

Learn More: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001146/ontario-supporting-advanced-science-technology-and-innovation