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Waste Reduction Week in Newmarket-Aurora

Waste Reduction Week is an opportunity to celebrate the work being done to reduce waste and keep the environment clean, and learn about the impacts of waste on the environment and what actions each of us can do to reduce waste at home, at work, and in our communities.

The government is taking action to keep our neighbourhoods, parks, lakes, rivers and streams clean and free of litter and waste by improving recycling and increasing the number of products that can go into the blue box, working towards phasing out organic waste from landfills by 2030 and continuing to minimize litter in our communities through the annual Provincial Day of Action on Litter. 

For families in Newmarket-Aurora, we’ve taken action where the previous government let waste pile up. For example, under the previous Liberal leadership:

  • Ontario had a patchwork Blue Box System, whereas we have rolled out a coordinated, province-wide system that allows more sectors to get involved in recycling.
  • All batteries ended up in landfills, leaching chemicals and wasting recyclable materials. We are excited to share that now, 50% of all batteries are recycled. They become fertilizers to nourish crops and their metal is reconstituted and put to new use. 

These changes will keep more waste out of our landfills, support a circular economy and make producers responsible for the waste they create. By working together and incorporating small changes into our daily lives, we can keep the province clean and beautiful for future generations.

To learn more: https://news.ontario.ca/en/statement/1000991/statement-from-minister-piccini-on-waste-reduction-week